Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Piece.

I bought this piece at an auction, without really seeing it up close.  Actually, I think I seriously just glanced at it. No one was bidding on it, so I threw up my hand.  (A split second after my friend put up her hand. lol.) She let me have it.
When I finally got it home, I got a better look at it. It used to be apart of a piece of least it looks like it was. I painted it. (It had been painted a high glossy white. Bleh.) If I had a bigger house, I think it'd be cool above an entry way or fireplace. Even just leaning in a corner or something.  What do you think?

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  1. I agree... Over an entryway or fireplace. That's waaaay cool!

  2. Love it! What are the measurements?

  3. Sorry, Heddy, I just saw your comment. I sold it to a gal who is going to put it above her bed! How cool is that?!?

  4. above the bed will be perfect! that's exactly what i was thinking. high up by the ceiling with tulle coming down!

  5. Hey cool stuff
    Look Different, yes i think when u have a bigger house, u can place it an entry way or fireplace


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