Thursday, March 15, 2012

Giant coffee table and the broken handle.

I finally got finished with this HUGE 8 drawer coffee table! 
I really liked all the details on it and thought it had so much potential. 
My little girl trying to help out. :)
I've had this for a while now, just sitting there, almost done. Seriously, I only had to do one drawer. Why quit with only one drawer left?!? Sounds pretty silly to me. Well, I broke one of the handles when I bumped it into the door frame coming in the day I bought it. No biggie, I'll just have my awesome hubby weld the part that snapped off back and it'll be good as new. Nope. Whatever metal that handle was, was one that didn't want to be welded. He tried everything he had. Crap. Now what? 
Well, since it was made in England and I couldn't figure out who made it, there was only one thing I could do. Find new handles. Yeah. that. meant. redoing. all. the. other. drawers. 
That meant I had to sand them all down b/c I left the original handles on when I painted. So between that and the wax, I had no choice. 
Eventually I found handles that worked and got her done. 
 See how big she is? she dwarfs my couch! If I had a big house with lots of room and a "regular" couch, she'd rock! I love that you can put so much stuff inside and still have storage space. Remotes in one, cards in another, magazines,  in another, a blanket? in get the picture. ;)

 The colors are a little off in the next two photos. 

 Now she's dinged up in all the "right" places. lol.

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  1. Seriously one of my favorites! Too bad I love my large padded ottoman for the kids.

  2. Its gorgeous! Great job, Nicole!!!

  3. This is a huge improvement. Looks more shabby chic instead of old and outdated. Great job.

  4. Modification has been really successful.. I am impressed with it, I love these type of furnitures it adds value to the house.


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