What Should Not Be Missing In Modern Kitchen Decoration?

What Should Not Be Missing In Modern Kitchen Decoration?

The decoration of modern kitchens Los Angeles is based on three fundamental pillars. The first one is the choice and combination of materials, the second the chosen color palette, and the third pillar is related to the design lines.


In the decoration of modern kitchens, wood is used as a compliment. Its main function is to bring warmth to the environment. You can use natural wood furniture such as oak. Although in the market, you will find furniture with artificial wood cladding, which is much more affordable than those built with natural wood.

Natural stone

Marble is one of the favorite materials for modern kitchen decoration. It can be complemented with details in stainless steel and wood. Remember that it should only be present in details such as the countertop or floor.

Hydraulic floor

Hydraulic flooring is an element that began to be used in the 19th century and is used to decorate modern kitchens to give a touch of warmth to the environment. These artisan tiles can be placed on the walls or floors.

Modern design in the kitchen

The choice of furniture style is very important when renovating or modernizing a kitchen Los Angeles. Minimalism is the best option because it provides simplicity and functionality at the same time.

A very modern and useful element in the kitchen is the blackboard. Having a place to quickly jot down a missing item in the pantry or a special menu offers functionality to this environment.

The spacious design is one of the keys to a modern kitchen. The open concept is a very modern definition that can lead to very attractive spaces. To integrate the living room or dining room with the kitchen, pictures are usually placed in the kitchen.

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Pros And Cons Of Installing A Sliding Door In A House

If you are thinking of placing a sliding door at your house’s entrance or interior Los Angeles, you should keep in mind that the goal of home improvement has to be directed towards functionality and comfort. If we see only the aesthetic, we must at least make sure that it does not go against the two previous factors. In this way, we can make a more balanced balance of using a sliding door, specifically in our home.

Merge spaces and give privacy at the same time

With a sliding door, the fusion of two spaces is solved; when you open them and close them, you can create two separate spaces. This can be seen in most small apartments, where they are generally left open to give a feeling of visual amplitude and lighting.

Opening greater than 70cm

If the room’s opening is that of a typical door, the installation of a sliding door will not provide the visual-spatial continuity that is sought.

Floor to ceiling opening

The opening must be free from the ceiling to the floor, if lintels are placed, we will not be able to amplify the environment either, and the placement of a sliding door would not add amplitude to space.

Same characteristics of the floor and ceiling

For the visualization of continuity from one space to the other to be fulfilled, there must be continuity in the floor and ceiling. It must be the same ceramic, and the ceiling must not have a height separation or any other type.

Same color

If the above conditions are met, spaciousness can be achieved by placing a sliding door of the same color.

Comfort in heavy traffic

When the entrance or exit from one room to another has a high frequency, this type of enclosure allows the door to slide through without the need to take a handle to open or close.

Make better use of space

Although it does not generate more space virtually, it does not take away space like the hinged door. So it allows you to make better use of space. However, depending on the type of slide to be used, it is possible that one of the walls is disabled to place pictures or shelves.

Cons of installing a sliding door

According to the people who live in the house, installing a sliding door can be a great solution or a nightmare. We tell you when it is not the most appropriate solution.

They are not acoustic

You have to keep in mind that when dividing two rooms with a sliding door; therefore, privacy is lost. Especially if you want to separate a bathroom or if people with different rest hours coexist.

Do they save space?

The space that is saved is the one that a swing door would occupy. But, to open a sliding door, it takes up a wall. On this wall, we cannot decorate or place shelves or any lighting. In case that wall is needed, the design with partitions can be used.

More expensive

At the price of a conventional door, you must add the frame and the hardware for hanging and sliding. The most economical design is the one with an external guide at the top.

Ideally, they combine with the environments’ style, painting them the same color as the wall, leaving them in a natural tone, or painting them in a contrasting tone. In some designs, it is chosen to decorate them with mirrors.

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Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles: What to Know

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most delicate issues in the home. Because not only design should be taken into account in a matter of taste. The safety and comfort of family members must also be ensured. Remember that each of them happens at least once when getting up and once before going to bed.

Another important decision to make is whether the bathroom will be partial or complete. Only the change of furniture, sanitary ware, or wall covering will be taken into account. Here we tell you all the details that you have to take into account before starting the project.

Bathroom design

Even if it is only a question of remodeling a section of the bathroom, the bathroom’s general design Los Angeles is the starting point that will start your list of priorities in works, materials, and furniture. If you don’t do a good design before starting to touch the bathroom, you run the risk of wasting time and money.


We have to take measurements of the walls, openings, and height of the area that we will assign to the house’s bathroom. The minimum capacity for a bathroom is 3m2. Therefore, if you have at least that space, you can make a sketch and start designing.

Location of toilets

When designing the bathroom remodeling, it is essential to remember that each of the toilets needs a minimum space around it. They are minimum distances between toilets, bathtubs, and furniture that we must respect for safety.

Floor and wall covering

Now, if we can start with the bathroom remodeling itself, the first is the lining of the bathroom floor and walls. For this, we have a wide variety of options, from painting to different types of ceramics. 


The most economical material for covering the walls is bathroom wall paint. We just have to bear in mind that we cannot apply any type of paint in the bathroom. We must pay attention to its qualities because it must be waterproof so as not to damage the wall and anti-mold to avoid the formation of mold on the walls.

Ceramic for floors and walls

Ceramic or porcelain tile Los Angeles is the most recommended option for bathroom floors and walls. For its durability and ease of cleaning. Currently, we will find a wide variety of materials, colors, designs, and sizes.

The choice of the type of tile depends on the style sought. The different designs allow the remodeling of the simple bathroom models to the more sophisticated ones because you will find rustic materials such as marble stoneware.

In addition to the material, the furniture’s size must be designed, including shelves, to provide more functionality. The main furniture is the white or colored vanity to give a touch of personality to the bathroom.

They come in different models; the hanging vanity, for example, is a good option because it facilitates cleaning the floor and protects the furniture from the humidity of the floor. Other options that should be chosen are the vanity with a sink and the vanity without a sink. The option will simply depend on the design and if the chosen line of toilets already has it in its catalog.

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